Installers for 32/64bit Windows are released

We are pleased to announce the first binary release of an open source edition of Mass++ 2.7.5. In this release, 32/64 bit Windows installers are available from OSDN download site. Some minor bugs found in the identification plug-in of Mass++ 2.7.4 are fixed.

If you want to see feature differences between this release and previous binary release of 2.7.4, see feature comparison in OSDN Wiki page.

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  1. Sebastian より:


    I downloaded Mass++ (64bit) and wanted to load Thermo raw files as well as Agilent Mass Hunter Data, both files types should be supported as specified in the help menu. However I get the following error “There are no plug-ins that support the specified filetype.”
    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks in advance!



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